Alaska Concealed Carry Class

This class is designed around curriculum approved by the Alaska Department of Public Safety, and upon permitting will allow you to carry your handgun legally in 38 other states. As per requirement a portion of the classroom instruction is done by a Lawyer or Law Enforcement Officer.This is to allow experts in the field of Alaska’s firearms statues to explain in DETAIL the do’s and don’ts of concealed carry. A range day is also mandatory with an accuracy proficiency test at the end. ( Don’t worry it is not too difficult: 5 strings of five shots at a 9 inch circle at 7 yards.) We will also discuss holsters, tactics, situational awareness and the ethics of carrying a gun for self-defense. We will cover gun safety and the basics of different types of firearms but if you are new to the firearm world we recommend you start with our Basic Pistol Class. Must be 21 years of age, a legal U.S. and AK State resident, pass a background check and submit fingerprints and a fee to the Department of Public Safety.

Basic Pistol

The purpose of this course is to give knowledge and confidence to the individual looking to become more proficient with a handgun. Topics discussed will include gun safety, the mechanical workings of semi-autos and revolvers, proper stance and grip, holsters, ammo selection, malfunction drills, dry-fire drills, and much more. Knowledge is power, arm yourselves accordingly.

Bear Safety and Defense

This 3 hour class focuses on traveling safely in bear country, and how to defend oneself from aggressive animals.

Topics will include:

  • Bear behavior
  • Preventative measures
  • Firearm selection for bear protection
  • Shooting drills to practice self-defense
  • Case studies

“My wife and I attended this course in 2018 due to the increase in bear attacks around the Anchorage area. The class was informative, and my wife and I learned some valuable information from it. My family and I live in a cabin north of Palmer where bear encounters are a real possibility in our day to day lives. Upon completing the course, I feel much more confident about my wife and I’s understanding of bear behavior and ability to protect ourselves with a firearm. I highly recommend this course to Alaskan families who enjoy fishing, back country hiking, biking, and hunters as well. Thank you Archangel Firearms training for your time and expertise.” – Andrew and Alexandra Jones