At Archangel Firearms Training we believe strongly in the second amendment and in the freedom to protect ones family and self from the violence of those who choose to do evil. Each individual is responsible for their own safety. There is freedom in self-reliance. Good luck charms, good vibes, and government all promise safety but fall utterly short of being able to provide it. A call to 911 brings responders in minutes while lives hang in the balance of seconds. We believe that it is not only our right, but our duty as individuals of sound mind and able body, to provide protection to those in our family and close circles who do not possess the strength to wield the sword for themselves. These sentiments are echoed strongly by our country’s founders, and by promoting these values, we seek to preserve our heritage as citizens of the United States of America.

“Liberty cannot be guaranteed by law. Nor by any thing else except the resolution of free citizens to defend their liberties.”
-Edward Abbey